About Me


>Christella Christy Mattan
> Ell, Kitty & Christ
>26th January 1994
>Hospital Duchess of Kent Sandakan
>But I ♥ to learn Chiness
> I love green most but sumtym love pink too

♥ I dont care how i look as long as i still cute ^_^

♥ I'm friendly, talkative, sumtym crazy , you cant predict me

♥ My baby always call me GUMUK, bcoz i'm the chubby one , haha . Sumtym he called me AYU , but i'm not ayu okae . I'm COMEL , haha

♥ I'm CATHOLIC, well i'm proud to be one of them . i LIKE it . :)

♥ I love reading , especially novel & comic. i'm loyal with it , never bored with them, but i hate magazine .

♥ I dont eat to much bcoz i'm fucking CHUBBY rite now , but i love cheese food , chocolate & KFC , but everywhere mother cook is always the best.

♥ I sing, i'm good in it that a fact but i'm not fucking crazy to be a singer, i just love sing

♥ I love guitar, but i cant play it , but my baby play guitar , 1st tym i see him played guitar on 19th November 2011 .

♥ I drink alcohol, so what a big deal? I'm entered clubbing . well there is no intresting there .

♥ I love fashion, sumtym girly , sumtym k-pop , kawaii & what so ever la . ngee

♥ Talking about friends, i'm having many type of friend, i dont care they are lesbian, gay, smoker, or gangster bcoz it awesome to have many type of friend

♥ I dont like back stabbing, pretending, bitch, shit, annoying. The things i really hate GIRL who try to FLIRT my baby. well try & test then i will suffer in my hand . So dont touch my own owner .

♥ I'm hyperactive + naughty, i'm enjoying doing girly stuff such like dressing up, make over, party, cooking, i like sport especially my KARATE that why i'm fucking scary .

♥ I dont care if there is a Bitch around me that dosent like me, talking back about me because, i'm enjoying my day ! if you dont like me please click REMOVE or BLOCK because it will never ruin my life when you not in my list ^_^

♥ I always thankful what i have , sporting parent, a naughty sibling, awesome friends & loving baby


♥ I'm a supportive, cheersful, open minded, freaking , weird , idiot , crazy , but loving & loyal. ngee . once you be a part of my life for sure i will love you . i love friend with someone freaks & weird sumtym they will be the funniest on my day

♥ I have lot of EX-lover, bcoz i like to know many type of guy, but i will i cherish the happiest moment that we shared together but when i fall in love with one guy , so he will be my only one

♥ Internate is my second BOYFRIEND, BERRY was always the 1st, even DOTA is the 1st for him . wtf i cant win :(

♥ I love Justin Bieber song , haha . well, i just love the song , how he flirt a girl , how he adore a girl , how he love a girl & how he appriciate a girl .


♥ talking everytime ,. nver bored to talk
♥ to be sleeping beauty
♥ reading book such like novel , biology book n some comic
♥ making friends
♥ hangout with friend and cousin
♥ taking picture n store picture
♥ editing picture
♥ writing
♥ rainy day

thingss that i ♥ :
♥ teddy bear
♥ camera
♥ sweater
♥ handkerchive
♥ cellphone
♥ dress
♥ higheels
♥ comic
♥ colorful pen
♥ cute book
♥ contect lens
♥ rings

i ♥ colour
♥ pink
♥ green
♥ white

♫♫♫ [̲̅̅M̲̅][̲̅̅u̲̅][̲̅̅S̲̅][̲̅̅i̲̅][̲̅̅C] ♫
♫♫ [̲̅̅i̲̅][̲̅̅s̲̅] [̲̅̅m][̲̅̅y̲̅] [̲̅̅L][̲̅̅i̲̲̅̅]][̲̅̅F[̲̅̅e ♫

╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Constantine mattan bungin ( my papa)
♥ Helena @ mary andrew gatiun ( my mama)
♥ BARRY SPARCO (mine♥)
♥ my sibling :)
♥ My darling2
♥ My primary school classmate
♥ My secondary school classmate
♥ My TCS short course classmate
♥ My house mate
♥ all my teddy bear :)

ℓ.α.υ.g.н. уσυя нєαят συт
∂.α.η.¢.є. ιη тнє яαιη
¢.н.є.я.ι.ѕ.н. тнє мємσяιєѕ
ι.g.η.σ.я.є. тнє ραιη
ℓ.σ.ν.є. αη∂ ℓєαяη
ƒ.σ.я.g.є.т. αη∂ ƒσяgινє
я.є.м.є.м.в.є.я. уσυ σηℓу нανє
σηє ℓιƒє тσ ℓινє ♥

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